Voter & Member Insights

Voter and Member Insights

At MES, we believe that helping organisations understand their data leads to meaningful insights that deliver business-based solutions. With our voter and member insights service, we will interrogate and classify your data to produce valuable output and take-aways (both written and visual).

Voter Insights – We provide trade unions, local authorities, charities, not for profits, private organisations and others with a detailed exploration of their voters and election trends. We do this by analysing voting data by different demographic variables, as well as geographical spread. The information we provide allows organisations to understand geographic outputs for each classification and what the turnout was against eligibility, helping inform communication strategies in the years to come. Voter Insights provide an actionable document that can form part of your communication plan. Once discovered, these insights can be explored further with additional qualitative or quantitative research.

Membership Insights – We provide Professional Associations, NHS Foundation Trusts and organisations that have a membership base with profile reports. By accessing client data, we can model what members look like from age, education, demographic spread to their economic impact on the organisation. The insights team can compare actual retention rates against perceived retention to give clients an accurate picture on which to base membership strategy. We’ve supported organisations to develop and implement customer satisfaction programmes, with a view to attracting new members while ensuring current members remain advocates.MES Insights Dashboard

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