Member Recruitment

Member Recruitment

MES helps organisations to build and work with engaged communities. In the past decade we have recruited over a quarter of a million members, stakeholders and citizens for organisations to engage with, inform, consult and hear. Whether you need to find new members for your foundation trust or newly merged organisation, citizens for your panel or forum, participants for a focus group, community members to involve during your public consultation, or hard to reach groups to demonstrate you’re listening fully, MES can find and recruit these people for you. The map shows the breadth of our experience in recruiting public and patient members across the country, in both rural and urban settings.

Treating each project on its own merits and with its own unique requirements, and with the guarantee of quality, experience
and value added, MES’s recruitment service is unrivalled. Our package includes:

● End-to-end project management
● Access to a network of ready trained and experienced locally based fieldwork managers
● Minimal impact on or input needed from you
● Demographic targeting and data analytics
● Quality assurance calls and mystery shopping
● 5-10% extra for free to account for drop-outs
● Data entry and welcome letters
● All collateral – t shirts, forms, ID cards
● Pay by result

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MES have experience in identifying members for participation in focus groups or workshops using methods such as Snowball, Convenience, Quota and Purposive Sampling. We use the combined intelligence from CACI Acorn and CACI Wellbeing Acorn geodemographic profiles (the latter of which we have exclusive access to) to inform us of exactly where we need to go in order to build a representative group. Careful consideration is taken in relation to seldom heard groups and we work closely with established community groups to include often harder to reach individuals. Based on practical experience we work with the client to understand who we need to get in the room.

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