Interviews & Focus Groups

Interviews and Focus Groups

MES has extensive experience in delivering qualitative, deep-dive research projects.

We’ve carried out hundreds of in-depth interviews with people from all backgrounds – residents, patients, employees, clinicians, experts and professional body members to name but a few. On many occasions we’ve spoken with those referred to as ‘seldom heard’ or ‘hard to reach’. All of our researchers are trained to elicit responses and uncover new insights from respondents. Our in-depth interviews reveal the emotion behind individual responses, which is crucial to understand what’s really important to respondents. Interviews are adaptable to client needs and will deliver valuable intelligence from your stakeholders.

Focus Groups strike a balance between the active participation of workshops and the focused discussion of one-to-one interviews. Using a discussion guide to frame the session, we expand on recurring discussions to unearth insights that other methods can’t. We partner with our clients to understand their client base (whether that’s patients, members or service users etc.) and to ultimately inform their strategic direction. We typically recruit between 8-10 people for a focus group, but group size can be shaped to client needs. All of our focus groups are guided by at least two moderators who ensure that the conversations always meet the research objectives. Where our researchers can’t hold a focus group in person (and where participants cover a wide geographical area) we design and facilitate online sessions.

We are a Market Research Society Company Partner. This means that we work according to latest market research regulations and abide by the MRS Code of Conduct, ensuring our research is carried out in a fair, ethical and transparent manner.

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