Co-design workshops

Co-design workshops

Our expertly delivered co-design workshops put all stakeholder participants at the heart of the process – a process that we ensure is thorough and robust.

During our planning stage, we establish the project parameters with the client to cement what is achievable through co-design and what is not. We map out an exhaustive list of all stakeholders connected to the workshop topic and then, using our years of experience in specialised recruitment, ensure participants are as representative of this list as possible. In partnership with the client, we create a suitable workshop format and arrange all logistics.

When it comes to workshop delivery, we discover what’s of most importance to stakeholders while allowing space for people to air their views and be listened to. As the session progresses, we delve deeper into what’s been said to identify the reasons behind the standpoints and to find areas of common ground. To conclude the session, our expert facilitators summarise the main points and begin to bring them together to form agreed conclusions.

In the reporting and analysis stage, we provide the client and (if requested) all other stakeholders with a summary report including a list of viable options established through the co-design process. Our reports can be delivered in a variety of formats, including infographics.

We ensure that all MES workshops are interactive, innovative, and enjoyable. Our workshop staff are friendly and approachable and have years of experience in engaging with people from all backgrounds and viewpoints.

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