We can help you gain a better understanding of your audience through effective stakeholder research.

MES are engagement experts. We bridge the gap between the services that organisations – such as NHS Foundation Trusts, Professional Bodies, Universities, Clinical Commissioning Groups, and Local Authorities offer, and the people that serve them. Their members. Drawing on our years of engagement experience, we recognise that our clients must have confidence in their chosen supplier, so we emphasise providing results in a clear, unambiguous manner, avoiding jargon.

With our personable approach, unrivalled support, and insightful technology you will accomplish your goals based on evidence. Avoid the guesswork and the hunches and join our growing list of partners to gather actionable insights today.

We are a Market Research Society Company Partner. This means that we work according to latest market research regulations and abide by the MRS Code of Conduct, ensuring our research is carried out in a fair, ethical and transparent manner.

Above all, we tailor our approach to meet your requirements, providing you with outcomes you can build on. We will tailor research methods and insights to your needs. With all our work delivered by our dedicated team.

Underpinning the MES research approach is partnership. We create, deliver and provide insights in conjunction with our clients that are delivered on-time and on budget – every time.

For further information on our approaches see below:

Co-design workshops

Interviews & Focus Groups

Multi-channel surveys

Voter & Member Insights

Member Recruitment

Infographic Design

Demetri Vlachos
Insights Manager

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