Citizens Panels

Citizens’ Panels

At MES, our core aim is to encourage participation and facilitate meaningful engagement. One of the ways we do this is by helping Clinical Commissioning Groups and Local Authorities to manage and engage their Citizens’ Panels. We offer a truly comprehensive package of support for panels – one that enhances public participation and provides real insight for decision-makers. We start by providing you with our market-leading MES Engage system: a place to manage, analyse and communicate with your panel. Next, we’ll help you recruit new panel members using face to face campaigns. In the past decade we’ve recruited over a quarter of a million members, citizens and stakeholders for hundreds of public bodies. Finally, we’ll help create a calendar of engagement activities, including focus groups and workshops, to provide you with the information you need to make the best decisions for your community.

We do all this in partnership with you – regularly reviewing progress, and adapting accordingly, to ensure your panel remains engaged, informed and insightful.

Our Citizens’ Panel support package includes:

    • MES Engage system
    • Face-to-face panel recruitment
    • Research services
    • Creative design services including recruitment forms, reports, presentations and infographics
    • Panel helpdesk and support – Freephone helpline, inbox and back office administration



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