Patient experience

Patient Experience

There is a growing body of evidence showing that healthcare providers creating a positive patient experience deliver better health outcomes for their patients. A commitment to Patient Experience also leads to improved quality of patient care and organisational reputation, as well as reduced costs of care. In order to create a positive patient experience, it is essential to first understand what is going on in the organisation. As we found in our research report ‘Making Sense and Making Use of Patient Experience Data’, many healthcare teams struggle with creating a continuous feedback loop between patients and healthcare professionals, to identify where improvements can be made. Similarly, many struggle to identify and celebrate evidence of all the excellent work being delivered in the organisation, which could equally help drive a positive organisational culture.

At MES we have the solutions and tools that can help you achieve just that.

  • Our cloud-based patient experience platform, MES Experience, enables you to listen to the voice of your patients and let it guide your improvement efforts. It is the leading real-time platform for measuring patient experiences including the NHS Friends and Family Test. It provides multi-channel data collection, bespoke analysis and reporting, and is developed in collaboration with our healthcare clients and user community.
  • Our automated text analysis engine helps our clients analyse feedback comments, stories, reviews, complaints, emails and notes, and make sense of them in real-time. Patient survey questions can tell you the ‘what’, but only free-text comments will help you understand the ‘why’. By using our solution, healthcare professionals can automatically generate insights across 32 themes including patient emotions, non-clinical and clinical service quality, communications, staff attitudes and capabilities, and co-ordination of services.

Simply put – we help you make sense of patient experiences so that you can improve and make a difference.

Andreas Norgren, Associate Director

Andreas Norgren
Associate Director

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