Patient experience & NHS FFT

MES offers a multi-channel patient experience tool for NHS Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups and GP Practices. We also design and facilitate patient / staff experience workshops to help go beyond the data.

MES Experience - patient experience tool

MES Experience

MES is the leading provider of patient-centric engagement services to the NHS.

With an increased focus on involving patients as a means to improve safety and quality within healthcare, putting patients at the heart of improving care now and for future generations is absolutely key. The Department of Health has introduced the Friends and Family Test as a means of benchmarking healthcare providers around the country, ensuring that listening to and actively involving patients in decision-making is one of the most important means to improving care.

How MES can help:

  • Tailored digital patient experience tool
  • Patient satisfaction and perception surveys
  • Friends and Family testing
  • GP surveys
  • Patient focus groups and workshops

Whether you are:

  • a healthcare provider looking to understand your service users in real-time
  • a commissioner looking to engage patients in service design and commissioning decisions

Our team of skilled project managers can also help you find trends across socio-demographic characteristics and meet EDS2 (Equality Delivery System) requirements by providing analysis across all demographics deemed useful.

Watch our video to find out more about MES Experience:

Get in touch to discuss how we can support your organisation to tap into the rich resource that patients constitute, and improve the experience for your service users and staff.

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