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Membership, engagement and involvement are central themes for NHS Trusts and CCGs, but how well does your website support your activities in these areas? MES can help…

MES Membership Websites

MES Websites

Membership Engagement Services (MES) provides a website design and management service to help you strengthen your digital connection with members, patients, stakeholders, and visitors.

Too often the membership, ‘get involved’, or ‘have your say’ parts of an NHS website are hidden away, requiring multiple clicks to locate. Once found, the content is perhaps not as up-to-date as it could be, or especially inviting, though other competing parts of your corporate website may well be winning when it comes to content, design and ongoing management.

Yet public and patient involvement, and evidence of that, are important principles in healthcare in the 21st century.

MES’s membership website service aims to help with this specific area of your corporate website, providing your membership and involvement teams with far greater control over content and updates, and giving it:

  • a complimentary, yet different, design and theme;
  • a greater presence; and
  • a user-friendly interface for your stakeholders and members.

The result being a vibrant and accessible portal for your members and stakeholders within your corporate website.

Features include:

  • Cost effective and flexible, with options for self-managed content or MES support
  • Sign-up links and clear calls to action
  • FAQs, upcoming events and document library zones
  • Surveys and snap polls
  • Council of Governors zone and blogs

Get in touch to discuss how we can support your organisation with your membership website needs.

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