Research & surveys

MES can help your organisation to better understand its stakeholders through effective research. This starts with good listening.

Research and surveys

MES Research 

As market-leading engagement specialists we have built up a wealth of knowledge and solutions, having worked with over 200 organisations. Whether you require online or paper surveys, data collection and analysis, or are conducting an in-depth consultation, our research services are designed to help you engage effectively with both your internal and external stakeholders, simply and clearly. 

We provide both qualitative and quantitative research services, with a strong emphasis on clear and engaging communications to help you listen to and better understand your stakeholders. You can then accomplish your immediate and future goals based on firm evidence, not guesswork or hunches.

Survey and analysis​

With our fully in-house survey, data collection and analytical capabilities, we can assist you regardless of the sample size of your survey or questionnaire. Our survey tools include, but are not limited to: 

  • Public consultations
  • Patient experience
  • Membership engagement
  • Staff, public and patient engagement
  • Customer service satisfaction

Report of findings

MES will provide in-depth reports and insights, using visual tables, graphs, charts and maps to help present the findings in a creative and meaningful way.

In-depth consultations 

It is also important that everyone has a chance to have their voice heard, especially those who are often overlooked, such as minority and hard-to-reach or ‘seldom seen’ groups.

We are able to coordinate and run in-depth consultations with a variety of target groups, and use a range of participative methods, including focus groups, telephone and face-to-face interviews to make sure everyone can get involved.

All projects are fully reported on, and ongoing support and review encouraged.​

For more information and advice on how MES can support you to effectively engage with your stakeholders, please contact or call us on 020 8829 2330.

MES is a Market Research Society Company Partner.

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