Growing memberships

Over the past six years, MES has recruited over 170,000 new public and patient members for aspirant and authorised NHS Foundation Trusts.

We securely store over 1.7 million membership records.

Growing memberships through face-to-face recruitment

MES Recruit

Face-to-face membership drives remain the best way to build your membership community and target resources effectively. Click here for a copy of the joint report we carried out with Monitor in 2011, all about recruitment and elections in the Foundation Trust sector. To that end, this is our preferred method, and it works.

Why use us to recruit your members?

We approach all of our projects strategically, analysing areas of under-representation and targeting accordingly, thus keeping costs down and ensuring your membership does indeed reflect your local community. We provide you with a project plan and full visibility of our work.

This includes: 

  • Full staff training onsite
  • Quality assurance checks
  • Mystery shopping
  • Safe control of completed membership forms
  • Data entry onto your membership database within 5 working days if required
  • Pay-per-member: you only pay for what we achieve, keeping your costs down and keeping us on track and motivated.

Face-to-face recruitment can be combined with targeted mailing campaigns to broaden your recruitment strategy further. We can also help you target your existing members with a bespoke engagement strategy. Just tell us what your aims are and we will get you there.

If you have a steady membership and are more focused on what they think when visiting your site, we can provide face-to-face perception surveys or friends and family testing – just tell us what sort of campaign you need help with and we will have a solution.

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