FT Governor Foundations

FT Governor Foundations is a range of tools to support your Foundation Trust’s Council of Governors as it continually develops and broadens its remit.​

MES Train

MES Train

MES provide flexible and tailored onsite training events to help you seek the best candidates, and ensure, once elected, they are ready for the role and equipped to work as part of a team.

Our Governor Gauge programme has been developed in partnership with Governors as a self-assessment tool to help them and Trust Secretaries ensure they are provided with the right training at the right time.

Our tailored training events for Foundation Trusts cover the essential first steps to being a Governor:

  • Seeking and informing potential candidates
  • Governor Induction Day

Seeking and informing potential candidates

This half-day pre-election session provides information for anyone considering standing for election as a Governor.

The training provides general awareness of the role, and includes content on ‘roles and responsibilities’, ‘time commitment’, and ‘the election process’. We also use this session to dispel any myths or fears about becoming a Governor.

Governor Induction Day

As part of our offering, MES will design and facilitate your Trust's Induction Day. We will do this in partnership with the Trust, and we can deliver some (or all) of the content, as required, which could include:

  • Roles and functions of the Council and Board, including statutory duties
  • Governance structure
  • The Trust Constitution
  • Effective questioning / holding to account
  • Softer skills, such as listening, and getting your message across

Alternatively, we can facilitate your entire Induction Day for you, including venue hire, catering, programme design, content delivery, and all associated materials.

The aim of the session is to provide a solid, collective base from which your organisation can build and prosper.

What participants have said

"I truly believe the awareness training and follow-up Induction Day you facilitated for us helped us obtain the right calibre of candidates for our elections! I think we have the makings of an excellent council."

"Friendly and interesting."

"Got us talking about things quickly and thinking about our roles."

MES Governor Gauge

NHS Foundation Trust Governors have been a growing presence in the NHS landscape since their introduction in 2004. Authorised NHS Foundation Trusts, now more than 150 in number, have a community of around 4,000 Governors who all need to be trained and supported.

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 bolstered the role of Governors, and emphasised the need for talented and informed candidates with a small, but important additional Paragraph (10B):

“A [Foundation Trust] must take steps to secure that the Governors are equipped with the skills and knowledge they require in their capacity as such.”

This places responsibility for the ongoing training, development and monitoring of Governors firmly with the Trusts themselves.

Governor Gauge has been co-designed with Governors themselves.

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