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Everybody is talking about good engagement, but what does it mean?

Advice and consultancy

What does engagement mean?

Engagement is a word we've seen used more and more frequently over the past decade across both public and private sectors.

Good engagement is a prominent aspiration throughout the health sector and beyond; in initiatives and doctrines such as the ‘Big Society’ and localism; and throughout national and local government. Go to any NHS, Council or third sector website and pages on how to get involved, be heard, or contribute to ‘the discussion’ are rarely more than a click away.

The corporate sector is taking note as well, with banks, building societies, and retail, in particular, recognising the commercial merits of involving and engaging with members and customers. The age of social media, instant mass communication, and ‘going viral’ provides an obvious context for this.

But where do you start? What are your goals? What tools and resources do you currently have and what do you need? What works and what doesn’t?

How MES can help

MES can help you unravel these things and create clear, goal-oriented engagement plans and delivery.

We will work with you to design and implement:

  • Effective public consultations
  • Hard-to-reach campaigns
  • Staff consultation exercises
  • Membership growth strategies
  • Perception surveys
  • Branding / re-branding and communication strategy

So, now you've heard the calls for better engagement and more meaningful dialogue, call MES to help you deliver it.

You can read more of our thoughts and ideas on good engagement on our blog page.

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