MES Experience

MES Experience

MES Experience is the leading real-time platform for measuring patient experience, including the NHS Friends and Family Test.

Our cloud-based solution provides multi-channel data collection, bespoke analysis and reporting, and is developed in partnership with our healthcare clients.

Our patient experience platform, MES Experience, enables you to listen to the voice of your patients and let it guide your improvement efforts, as well as celebrating all the outstanding work delivered in the organisation. We help you make sense of patient experiences so that you can improve and make a difference.

MES – Patient experience – Product overview from MES on Vimeo.

What truly sets MES Experience apart from anything else on the market is our automated free-text analysis engine. Quantitative data and measurements will help you understand the ‘what’, but only qualitative data will help you understand the ‘why’. A healthcare organisation can collect thousands of feedback comments a month, but analysing that many is like reading a novel and categorising every sentence! With our solution, healthcare professionals can automatically generate insights across 32 themes including patient emotions, non-clinical and clinical service quality, communications, staff attitudes and capabilities, and service co-ordination.

Key features include:

  • Action manager – assign actions to your colleagues and track progress over time
  • Push reporting – schedule automatic delivery of customised reports
  • Collect feedback via methods best suited to your patients and your organisation whether it be online surveys, text, phone, tablets, or paper
  • iOS app – allows offline data collection so that you can keep collecting patient feedback even where then there is no Internet connection available
  • Unlimited user accounts with role-based access – users only see data relevant to their role
  • Unlimited access to our knowledgeable team providing support, advice, and training

With MES Experience you will have a cost-effective and agile solution as well as tailored and engaging customer support to ensure that you spend as little time as possible on collecting data and administration, and more time on making sure that the data collected is being put to use.

What our client thinks

We have worked closely with MES to produce a product that is both appropriate for our very large and complicated organisation and for the patient experience sector as a whole. I have found MES to be supportive, responsive and helpful. They are flexible and creative in their approach and keep customers at the centre of their relationships.

Jessica Bush, Head of Engagement and Patient Experience, King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Simon Kimber, Senior Client Experience Manager

Simon Kimber
Senior Client Experience Manager