MES Empower

MES Empower

MES Empower is our staff experience system which empowers your people, teams and organisation to drive improvement at scale by harnessing real-time feedback and providing meaningful insights.

Our solution will help develop local leadership on the front line as well as support organisation-wide improvement at board level.

We start at the grassroots and, through mobile or fixed devices, we collect real-time feedback from employees about problems, frustrations or positive experiences as well as tracking work-related mood. Designated local leaders can respond to and share comments, celebrate successes, and facilitate solutions to problems. This promotes positive team working and local ownership of improvements.

Our unique text analysis engine will then help senior managers understand what is going on at a much wider scale. By generating actionable insights about leadership and management, employee experiences, systems and processes, communication and information, as well as service and product delivery, we give you the tools to create the environment needed to succeed.

MES Empower is a flexible solution that gives you a complete, holistic view of employee experiences all the way from local teams to board level.

Key benefits include:

      • Creates and empowers local leaders
      • Achieves local improvement
      • Reduces staff turnover and sickness absenteeism
      • Engages the entire workforce and increases productivity
      • Delivers powerful real-time intelligence and drives service and product improvement
      • Generates more effective systems and processes
      • Improves organisation culture and staff wellbeing
      • Delivers actionable insights and improves finances

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What our client thinks

In 27 years of nursing I have never seen such a proactive way of addressing staff satisfaction.

Staff Nurse, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

Andreas Norgren, Associate Director

Andreas Norgren
Associate Director