MES Declare

MES Declare

MES Declare is our fully integrated governance software which enables declarations of interest to be captured and published seamlessly on a PC, tablet or smartphone.

MES Declare was designed and developed in partnership with a NHS Trust and in response to NHS England’s guidance (June 2017): ‘Managing conflicts of interest in the NHS’. It continues to evolve in collaboration with our clients who inform and advise on new features and tools.

NHS England’s 2017 guidance is designed to increase public confidence by providing a transparent view of how decisions are made and taxpayers’ money spent. The guidance ensures that NHS staff adhere to consistent principles and rules in managing conflicts of interest.


MES Declare from MES on Vimeo.

Key features of MES Declare:

  • Full integration with NHS Electronic Staff Records
  • Quick and easy data segmentation and analysis
  • Whistleblowing and breach investigations facility
  • Quick and easy access across all platforms
  • Intuitive administrative interface
  • Real-time public reporting and web integration

MES Declare has been developed to ensure you are fully compliant and that this new workload is supported cost effectively and efficiently.


What our client thinks

As a Trust we have worked with MES for a number of years and most recently they have implemented our new Conflicts of Interest software (MES Declare). The implementation was smooth and help was on hand throughout the transition to make the move as easy as possible. The user groups that MES have set up harbour a spirit of joint-working and collaboration that has built a strong and collaborative relationship.

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Nick Goodman

Nick Goodman
Managing Director