Membership Organisations

MES offers a tailor-made service aimed at helping your union or membership body connect more effectively with your members.

How do you engage with your members?

The lifeblood of a trade union, association or institute is its members. To truly claim a representative voice you must have an active, involved and informed membership. Knowing what members think, want and need is vital but, in the ever changing world of work, keeping up with who and where your members are can also prove a challenge.

At MES we provide practical tools to rise to these challenges. By doing so we support you in addressing issues such as low participation levels which can threaten the credibility of your decision making.  

How MES can help your organisation

  • Reviewing internal rules, procedures and processes to understand what's working, what's not, and what needs to change.
  • Profiling your membership to understand their demographics and behaviour better.  In turn this assists you in communicating more intelligently with your membership groups, in bite-size chunks rather than en masse.
  • Developing longer term communication and campaign strategies.
  • Developing voter education and specific communication strategies for election time.