We provide corporate bodies with a variety of services to support their electoral and governance requirements.

Your company may be going through some transitional arrangements with the workforce and require speedy elections – perhaps with regard to forming Special Negotiating Bodies, TUPE transfers, redundancies, pension changes or building an on-going culture of good engagement.

Our parent company Electoral Reform Services can help you with the elections.

Once you have your elected representatives however you also need to brief and prepare them. You also need to introduce to them the idea of working as a team and representing other colleagues.

How MES can help your business

Staff elected representative training programmes

MES run training programmes to cover the various aspects of being an elected representative - we tailor each one to your own organisation and also ensure it follows on swiftly and seamlessly from the electoral process. Sessions are typically designed to enable newly elected representatives to:

  • Change perceptions of their role and raise their profile
  • Create new processes and initiatives for staff engagement
  • Learn how to better reflect their constituents’ views
  • Play a key role in their organisation

Programme workshops are designed to be varied, accommodating of each learning style, informative and above all enjoyable. 

Engagement strategy

Your company may also be looking at its governance arrangements and need some help in identifying new or improved models of how to connect the company with your staff.

Print and Mailing Services, Database Hosting

Alternatively, as with our non-corporate clients, you may simply need assistance with mailings, communications or perhaps an efficient and cost-effective database solution to host your contacts on.