Foundation Trust Sector Report 2017

Posted on: 01-11-2017 by Ruta Sapatkaite

MES - Turnout and Behaviours in NHS Foundation Trust Elections

Foundation Trust Sector Report 2017

We are proud to launch the follow up to our 2011 report on engagement and voting behaviour in the NHS Foundation Trust sector taking us right through to summer 2017.

In 2011, MES, ERS and Monitor, the sector independent regulator as it was then named, published a joint report on membership recruitment and engagement in the NHS foundation trust sector since its inception in 2004 by analysing electoral behaviour over the period alongside trusts’ recruitment and engagement activity.

Six years on, and given the changing landscape of the sector, we felt it was time to revisit this report and provide an update.

As such, analysis was carried out by MES and ERS with data from the 3,939 elections ERS have administered for 146 NHS foundation trusts from 2011 to June 2017 and 1.7 million anonymised public and patient membership records MES hosts on behalf of 168 NHS trusts and foundation trusts with the aim to:

  • explore turnout rates for governor elections and the number of candidates standing for election since 2011;
  • take into account changes in the foundation trust landscape such as the 2010-2015 coalition government’s Health & Social Care Act 2012, the argued growing fiscal crisis in the health sector and the introduction of electronic voting in late 2014; and
  • better understand the context of participation by building a portrait of the average foundation member, voter and governor.

We look at turnouts, behaviours and trends, and include a section on the impact of the introduction of electronic voting 3 years ago. Click here to download your copy now or contact us to find out more.