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  • 2017 Xmas video

    MES Christmas Message 2017

    MES, in partnership with some of the finest animation studios around the world including Studio Ghibli, Pixar and Disney, proudly present our 2017 XMES message.

    Ta da!

    MES Christmas Film 2017 from MES on Vimeo.

    ... read more
    1 day 8 hours ago by Nick Goodman About this blogger
  • Strategy Day 2017

    MES Strategy Day 2017

    Every year, MES takes a day (or two) away from the office to reflect on all things engagement, both within and outside of our Clarendon Road base. Here, one of our newest members of staff, Elizabeth Hickey, gives her take on strategy day 2017... read more

    3 months 3 weeks ago by Elizabeth Hickey About this blogger
  • Superhero run

    Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up

    I am not a runner. I always said I would never be one.

    I am not a blogger. I always said I would never be one.

    So signing up for a 10k run with the work crew, and then writing a blog about it would not have been a set of... read more

    6 months 4 weeks ago by Mark Saunders About this blogger
  • MES Christmas message 2015

    MES Christmas film 2015

    It’s that time of year again!

    Membership Engagement Services (MES) proudly present their Christmas film for 2015.

    For this edition, Nick Goodman, our Managing Director, has taken the opportunity to talk to you - our clients,... read more

    1 year 11 months ago by Rob Harding About this blogger
  • Insights Discovery colour wheel

    Revisiting the rainbow: Strategy Day 2015

    On 8 October 2015, Membership Engagement Services (MES) held its seventh Strategy Day. This year we had a total of 20 staff members in attendance, making it our biggest group yet.

    The annual Strategy Day is one we have made a point to... read more

    2 years 1 month ago by Elouise Smith About this blogger