Annual Household Registration Survey - National Report 2017

Posted 09:41 Wednesday 31 January 2018
Mallory Amsden

Mallory Amsden

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National Survey

MES in partnership with Electoral Reform Services (ERS) have conducted an online survey with over 300, 000 residents across the UK to evaluate their experiences with their council’s Electoral Services Department. An overall nationwide report as well as localised benchmarking reports were produced to provide the departments with a detailed overview of their performance.

From July through November 2017, all households in the UK were asked to confirm the details of those living at the address who were eligible to vote. Households confirmed this by using the ERS automated service or returned a form by post.

The ERS automated service gave the choice of using telephone, online or SMS text for households to respond to confirm their details. Those needing to change details or add new residents to their household were also able to do this using the online service.

Those who used the online service were invited to take part in a short survey at the end of the process. We had a robust response with 356,746 respondents across 200 councils taking part. Participation in the survey was purely voluntary, no incentive was offered for completion.

The key objectives of the study were:

  • To understand more about the profile of those who used the automated service.
  • To understand their opinion on the service provided by their council's Electoral Services Department.
  • To better understand:
    • how well informed residents feel about the electoral process including registration
    • whether residents visit their council's Electoral Services Department website and why or why not
    • whether residents contact their council's Electoral Services Department and why or why not
    • residents’ past and potential future voting behaviours

The report on the National Results is available below. If you would like a localised benchmarking report (to see how your Electoral Services Department compares to the nationwide view) please contact us at

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