Automated text analysis

Automated text analysis

Every day we analyse thousands of patient and staff experiences for some of the most prestigious healthcare organisations in the UK and Australia.

Our proven automated text analysis software makes sense of feedback comments, stories, reviews, complaints, emails and notes. It generates actionable insights in real-time so that you can respond quickly, whether it is sharing positive feedback or making changes for improvement.

Closed survey questions can tell you the ‘what’, but only open-text comments will help you understand the ‘why’. A large healthcare organisation can collect 10,000 feedback comments a month; analysing that many is like reading a novel and categorising every sentence!

Our solution will generate insights across a multitude of patient and employee experience themes including non-clinical and clinical service quality, communications, staff attitudes and capabilities, co-ordination of services, leadership and management, systems and processes, as well as service and productive delivery.

Our interactive dashboard presents data in real-time and delivers sentiment analysis, trends, word clouds, and the ability to drill down all the way to individual comments as well as filter data by demographics, staff groups, teams, and locations.

Tens of thousands of keywords and phrases found in real experiences along with Natural Language Processing and complex algorithms, ensure the right insights are presented to the right people at the right time.

We help organisations drive improvement at scale and bridge the gap between the frontline and the board room. By collecting, analysing and making sense of feedback comments, we enable our clients to harness the wealth of human experiences to improve products, services and organisations.