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Harnessing the Power of Patient Experience

Four years ago, we presented our white paper ‘Making Sense and Making Use of Patient Experience’. In it, we surmised that in some ways the work was still in its infancy: there was no common model applied across the sector and sometimes staff were unclear as to the purpose. We are proud to launch the follow up with ‘Harnessing the Power of Patient Experience’ which continues that exploration into what is required to unlock the benefits.

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MES Declare User Groups – May 2019

We will be holding four MES Declare user groups this year, in two batches and at different locations around the country. Our first batch will be held this May in London and Leeds, with our second batch taking place in the autumn in Bristol and Birmingham. We will be making use of the offices of our new parent company, Civica, as we look to broaden our geographic presence.

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How is the sun shining now on NHS declarations of interest?

Two years ago, on 9th February 2017, NHS England issued new guidance on managing conflicts of interest in the NHS. Initially known as the sunshine rule, this followed an investigation in 2015 that found cases and serious risks of corruption in the NHS with regard to the receipt of gifts, hospitality and sponsorship that could unduly influence decisions and awards of contracts.