Our philosophy

Our Philosophy

The company’s philosophy is guided by our commitment to be the best partner to our clients that we possibly can be. It has been written by the MES team and we check in on it regularly to make sure we are living up to it.


To be the leading provider of high-quality engagement solutions, driving our clients to have meaningful conversations, empower people and strengthen democracy.



To deliver our vision through:

  • Client-focused and intuitive engagement solutions and technologies that deliver the insights needed to make a real change
  • Being experts in our field, anchoring our work in practical experience and delivering with passion
  • Being professional and honest in all we do, nurturing our people and partners and looking after our clients every step of the way


Values: What’s important to us?

Our work is all about People; how we work with, support and value our colleagues and clients. Partnership is essential to our way of working; the relationships we build make us better. MES is constantly Listening, Learning and Innovating; we ask questions, see how we can improve and encourage conversations. We care greatly about the quality of our work with the aim of Going Above and Beyond for our clients and partners. MES is an honest and straightforward partner to work with; Integrity is key to everything we do.


The MES philosophy underpins the ERS Group’s mission:

To be the most trusted provider of services which enable people and organisations to engage, register, vote and govern democratically

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