South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group

South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group

MES helps health organisations gain meaningful insight from their patients, public and staff. In doing so, we help them make better decisions on service redesign.

South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) wished to gain a broader understanding of how primary care was being accessed by their population, what the preferences for future primary care models were and who should be delivering the care.


Working closely with the CCG, MES was commissioned to carry out on their behalf: project management and research design; interactive workshops with local residents and patients; a quantitative survey with the wider public and patient population of South Warwickshire; a focus group with the primary care workforce; a quantitative survey with primary care workforce; and, finally, reporting and analysis.


Thorough research from the start of the project (including review of both local and national policy) influenced our tailored approach for the CCG. This contained several elements.

Between November and December 2016, we held a series of interactive face-to-face workshops.The aim was to establish current experiences of accessing primary care in South Warwickshire, gauge preferences for new primary care models and to provide direction for the patient and public survey. The format consisted of a series of questions about how patients currently accessed primary care, followed by breakout sessions to discuss various scenarios illustrating specific elements of new primary care models. Three workshops were held with over 40 people taking part.

By January 2017, we had conducted a survey of the primary care workforce. Here, the aim was to evaluate staff experiences, needs and opinions on the future of primary care delivery in South Warwickshire. A focus group with local GPs and practice managers was held to explore topics in more detail and provide direction for the survey. The online quantitative survey was distributed to all 35 practices. 82 staff participated, representing a response rate of 11%.

Finally, between March and April 2017, we conducted a patient and public survey to test hypotheses from the workshops and to gauge preferences for new primary care models. Paper, online and Easy Read versions were made available to all patients registered with any of the 35 GP practices within the SWCCG catchment area. A multichannel approach was used to distribute and, in total, 2,548 surveys were completed within a five-week period.


The engagement produced two reports to inform the CCGs primary care strategy. They established patients’ current and preferred methods of interacting with and accessing primary care. They also identified differences or similarities in preferences among particular demographic groups.

Finally, the reports helped the CCG to evaluate alternative options of delivering care in the future from the perspective of both patients and the primary care workforce.

What our client thinks

Engaging at scale with the residents of south Warwickshire and the primary care workforce was a key component of our approach to our work programme known locally as ‘Transforming General Practice Together’. MES delivered a robust and independent process and set of results to support this ambition. They worked with the CCG all the way through to ensure the work was delivered on time and budget. Highly professional, personable and client focused – with great communication skills to engage primary care clinicians, commissioners and the public alike.

Sue Phillips, Head of Transformation