Oldham Clinical Commissioning Group

Oldham Clinical Commissioning Group

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In December 2015, NHS Oldham Clinical Commission Group commissioned MES to conduct both face-to-face and online surveys with members of the public: to explore local patients’ current experiences of accessing GP appointments, and to better understand how they might like to access services in future, in order to help the CCG plan and shape its seven day services provision.


The research was conducted as a face-to-face and online survey with members of the public and patients in Oldham. The survey consisted of 17 questions, including one free text question, and two questions to record demographics of respondents – specifically their age and partial postcode.

The data collection and fieldwork were conducted over 28 days; with an online survey remaining open from 8 December 2015 to 4 January 2016; and the face-to-face surveys conducted over eight days from 8 December to 16 December 2015.

As such, this project involed: research methodology and survey design; fieldwork and data collection; data entry, cleansing, processing and analysis; report writing; and end-to-end project management.


In order to maximise responses and inclusivity we carried out the face-to-face surveys at high footfall locations across Oldham, including local libraries, leisure centres, supermarkets, shopping precincts, bus stations, and on pedestrianised high streets. We collected responses from at least two locations each day with varied working hours from 10am to 7pm. We also provided skilled translators to conduct face-to-face surveys when required.

Following the fieldwork, all the data was cleansed and processed by our data analysis team. Our research team then produced a detailed and illustrative report highlighting key findings.


Patients in Oldham told us when they would like to be able to access GP appointments; the kind of services they need to use seven days a week; and where they’d be willing to travel to access them.

Overall, 497 surveys were conducted face-to-face, and an additional 78 surveys were completed online, with 575 responses collected in total.

The information collected during the surveys was collated and analysed before being shared with NHS Oldham CCG’s clinically-led teams to help them make decisions about the way they provide additional services to patients..

What our client thinks

We needed to engage with the people of Oldham to help us gather valuable local insight about where and how our patients felt we should extend our recently-launched Seven Day Access model, commissioned via the Oldham GP Federation.

We spoke to MES about the best ways to approach this project, and they worked with us to develop a comprehensive set of questions and measurements that enabled us to get a clear picture of people’s needs and preferences.

This information helped us to make the subsequent decisions about locations and opening times across the Seven Day Access hubs, which we are now in the process of rolling out, helping us to improve access to primary care for patients in Oldham.

Louise Nicholson – Communications & Engagement Manager