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Hammersmith and Fulham Clinical Commissioning Group

MES facilitates meaningful consultations between our clients and their stakeholders, leading to co-designed and better informed outcomes.

In March 2016, NHS Hammersmith and Fulham CCG appointed MES to facilitate a co-design process to generate recommendations for the future of Milson Road Health Centre with the help of local residents and other key stakeholders. The co-design approach sought to involve all stakeholders in the design process of what the future of Milson Road could look like.


The project had several stages and required end-to-end management. The planning stage was all about fact-finding, including establishing parameters for co-design with HFCCG, NHS Property Services, and their GP Partners.

The next stage was ‘promotion’ and involved a leaflet drop to local residents surrounding the Milson Road site; advertising days at a nearby community centre, and attendee list management.

The ‘delivery’ element included organising and facilitating a three-hour co-design workshop with local residents and key stakeholders to help develop a solution for the Milson Road site.

Finally, the ’reporting and analysis’ stage saw us write a summary report presenting findings from the workshop.


Following an initial meeting with HFCCG, we sourced a logical location for the workshop, and found a community centre right next to Milson Road Health Centre (the Masbro Community Centre). Next we mapped the stakeholders affected by the future of the Milson Road site. The majority of these were local residents, living minutes away from the centre on its surrounding streets. To encourage attendance, we conducted a leaflet-drop in the streets surrounding Milson Road Health Centre. The flyer advised residents to register their intention to attend by calling a Freephone telephone number, or by emailing a dedicated email address. We also spent time at the adjacent Masbro Community Centre talking to local residents and members of the public as they attended their classes, activities and sessions.

For the workshop itself, we proposed a three-hour format, beginning with introductions from MES and participants followed by a presentation by a HFCCG representative, explaining the Milson Road Health Centre story so far, and setting the context for the workshop. Our experienced facilitator then proceeded to establish what was important to all stakeholders by hearing what their parameters for the project were, and facilitating discussions about perceived ‘Musts’, ‘Shoulds’ and ‘Coulds’. The aim of this task was to establish commonality in themes and ideas expressed. We then broke participants out into three groups to provide their recommendations and ideas for future use of Milson Road Health Centre, based on what had been said to date. In the final part of the workshop, the facilitator brought together all the ideas discussed, and in conclusion presented the themes proposed to be the most viable options going forward. An agreement amongst attendees was obtained, and finally, the workshop closed with a representative from HFCCG providing closing remarks.

MES produced a summary report of events for the Milson Road co-design workshop.


A co-design approach was an effective method for this project. It enabled us to engage with key stakeholders and include their perspectives in generating recommendations and ideas for what the future of Milson Road would look like. This collaborative and participatory approach empowered stakeholders and aided HFCCG in the innovation process.

Thirty-five stakeholders attended the workshop from a variety of stakeholder types: the CCG itself, community organisations, GPs, and (in the main) local residents.

The co-design workshop (at this stage of a development) marked a new type of engagement activity for HFCCG. Stakeholders saw it in a positive light, with feedback producing an appraisal rating of ‘Good’. Using a co-design approach in order to collaborate with and involve all stakeholders in generating future recommendations ensured the Milson Road Health Centre will meet the needs of the local and wider community, providing a long-term, locally-designed solution to a local issue.

What our client thinks

MES proved to be a consultative, highly responsive and thoughtful provider. They were able to constructively challenge our thinking and did a great job helping to get local residents along to the workshop.

Thanks to Rob on the team for a successful piece of work. We’d be happy to recommend them to NHS colleagues.

Toby Hyde – Head of Strategy