Camden Clinical Commissioning Group

Camden Clinical Commissioning Group

MES supports Clinical Commissioning Groups and Local Authorities to manage and engage with their Citizens’ Panels.

In 2016, Camden CCG appointed us to assist in the build and engagement of their local Citizens’ Panel. Over the last two years, we have provided a range of support services to the CCG including recruitment, database management, research services and event management.


    When we first met with the CCG, they were looking to achieve four things:

    Firstly, they wanted to have access to a representative sample of the Camden population (including by age, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status, mental health conditions, physical health conditions and learning disabilities).

    They required a minimum of 1,000 Camden residents throughout the duration of the initial ‘term’. Recruitment to the panel is limited and by invitation only.

    The panel would be regularly engaged to undertake both qualitative and quantitative work on health and social care issues in Camden.

    The members of the panel would expect to be engaged throughout the panel term, taking part in surveys, focus groups and workshops.

    MES successfully achieved all of these objectives, and we were reappointed as the CCGs Citizens’ Panel following the initial term.


    To achieve the objectives of the initial term (and more thereafter), we’ve done several things:

    We’ve recruited two fully representative panels using demographic profiling intelligence tools, backed up by a decade of experience in recruiting members of the public face-to-face in libraries, leisure centres, public spaces etc.

    We manage the Panel via our market-leading MES Engage system, which allows the CCG to not only segment their Panel by various data sets, but also allows them to communicate with members via our in-built email, post, text and survey features.

    We’ve organised and facilitated a series of focus groups exploring health topics such as enhanced GP access and access to children’s services; a workshop with 18 members exploring care navigation and social prescribing; and we’ve run an outdoor ‘Welcome Afternoon Tea’ to celebrate the 3rd year of the panel. We’ve also provided research consultancy on the design of surveys exploring topics such as self-care and mental health, as well as delivering analysis of those surveys once complete.

    We’ve underpinned all of this by meeting with the CCG regularly to review engagement to date and plan in new activities.


    To this day, MES continues to partner with Camden CCG offering advice and practical support in getting the most out of their Citizen’s Panel initiative.

    What our client thinks

    MES is very professional and extremely helpful in providing advice and support around how best to structure engagement exercises that deliver feedback which is appropriate and is influencing our decision making as we transform health and care services across Camden.

    Tom O’Gorman, Project Manager