Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group

Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group

MES helps health commissioners to engage with their local populations as part of their transformation, procurement and service redesign programmes.

During 2016, NHS Bromley CCG began a procurement of community health services. In order to ensure that the views of patients and local people influenced this work, the CCG commissioned MES to plan and deliver robust and comprehensive engagement with adults who use community health services (either as patients or carers). The objectives were twofold: seek the views and experiences of current users and test out new potential models of delivering care.


We were commissioned to undertake all aspects of the project from research design, planning, recruitment, field work management, facilitation, to analysis and reporting. This was based on a comprehensive specification set out by the CCG.

The engagement was delivered over two stages – a face-to-face, online and telephone survey followed by in-depth qualitative discussions.


A thorough research plan was designed by our experienced team to ensure that views of as many adult community health service users were captured as possible. Our approach was robust, representative and carefully structured to ensure patients, carers and service users with different backgrounds, conditions, circumstances and needs had the opportunity to express their views in a safe and welcoming environment.

A multi-channel distribution strategy was designed. A face-to-face survey was conducted at eleven Provider sites. Postcards with our Freephone number and the online survey link were distributed to the wider population via MES staff, the CCG and the current provider’s workforce. The online survey was distributed by the CCG and cooperating local organisations. The CCG placed an advert in the local paper to encourage responses from the community. A Freephone number was made available for those with mobility issues or those who preferred a method other than face-to-face or online.

Following the survey stage, a series of focus groups were held to discuss the results in greater detail, and provide further context to the initial findings. By talking directly to patients, carers and service users we obtained a greater insight into their experiences and opinions, unravelled what is important to them and why, and established the key parameters of future adult community health services in Bromley.


The engagement provided NHS Bromley CCG with a detailed understanding of patients’ views and experiences. It enabled the local population to share their views and help shape the future delivery of adult community health services in Bromley.

Outcomes from the final report were used to inform the service specification and proposed new models of care, and to set the key pillars for delivering high quality services in the future.

What our client thinks

The CCG procurement of community health services is the largest one the organisation has undertaken so it was extremely important that this process was informed and influenced by the experiences and views of people who use these services. The CCG is hugely committed to two way engagement with the public and patients so underwent a thorough process to recruit an organisation that had the capacity and experience to undertake an engagement project of this scale and complexity.

MES understood our brief and brought to the table many suggestions and ideas on how our vision and expectations for this work could be practically delivered. MES are highly professional, organised and experienced. They delivered the work to the timescale agreed. They kept us up to date with weekly briefings and informed us quickly of any issues that needed our attention. They also liaised closely with the current provider to ensure that face to face engagement with current patients could be undertaken within waiting areas and clinics.

The report produced at the end of the process was very detailed and comprehensive. It provided clear recommendations that were then incorporated into the procurement process.

Kelly Scanlon, Head of Communications and Engagement