Brent Council

Brent Council

MES supports organisations at every stage of consultation, from pre-engagement activity to report stage.

We helped Brent Council to consult local residents on potential changes to housing management of their homes.


The key objective of the project was to explain the proposed changes to all council tenants and leaseholders and enable them to share their opinion on the matter in a safe, secure and confidential way. We were commissioned to advise on and design the consultation materials; act as an independent advisor and scrutineer; distribute postal packs with background information and details on how to participate and express opinions to all affected tenants and leaseholders; collect opinions from impacted tenants and leaseholders; analyse all feedback received and advise the Council on the preferred options.


All affected households were sent an information pack with the necessary details and guidance on how to express their opinions. A variety of response mechanisms (postal & online form, Freephone number and SMS service) as well as translation services were offered to ensure that each respondent was able to take part. We stressed our status as an independent organisation throughout, meaning that residents could participate in a safe, confidential manner they felt comfortable with. In addition, 600 telephone interviews were conducted to ensure a wide range of residents from a variety of backgrounds, property types and locations were included in the consultation process.

All responses were combined, processed and validated. All verbatim comments were analysed to establish the preferred option for both tenants and leaseholders and advise on any particular areas of concern.


The report provided the Council with a clear picture of how its tenants and leaseholders wanted their homes managed in the future. Residents and leaseholders had an opportunity to find out more about the proposed changes and express their preferences. As such, the Council was able to make an informed decision about its housing management services.

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