A response to HSJ: Solve your CoI headache

Posted on: 04-09-2018 by Ruta Sapatkaite

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A response to HSJ: Solve your CoI headache

Last week the HSJ highlighted how, more than a year on from the release of new NHS England guidelines on conflicts of interest, only 5% of NHS Trusts are publishing their register of interests for senior staff.

The article focused on how the register of interests is a contractual obligation for NHS Trusts but it failed to highlight the difficulties in collation and management of the conflicts of interest, this is where MES Declare can help.

MES Declare integrates 3 portals so that staff can electronically make their declarations and in the click of a button they can be published on the public register, no messing about with paper forms and no hassle of re-entering details onto the register. The system works directly with your ESR data so that you can keep on top of any individuals yet to make a declaration. You are able to communicate through the system, run reports and have complete visibility of all declarations, the system is built to work in line with the NHS England guidelines and all interpretations of them.

27 NHS organisations joined us since MES Declare has been launched last year. In the past 12 months 12,210 declarations have been made on MES Declare system.

For 2018, we have offered a half-price build fee (for a three year contract) to ensure as many organisations as possible can sort their COI process quickly and efficiently. The half-price offer will end on Monday 31st December, so please don’t delay – get in touch to find out how MES Declare can help your organisation.

To book a demo (either online or in person), please email enquiries@membra.co.uk