10 Years at MES

Posted on: 10-11-2017 by Ruta Sapatkaite


10 Years at MES

We are both a little late and a little early for our entry for National Writing Day (@nationalwritingday) but their timing was out. Our very own Hannah celebrated 10 years at MES recently and she put her creative writing skills to good use with this story of a decade spent with us.

This blog is by Hannah Staunton…

Once upon a time, in the autumn of 2007 to be precise, there was a young (ish) wizard. She had been contracting most of her wizarding life, and now she looked for a longer quest to really get her teeth into. The Noble House of ERS welcomed her into their wizarding department, where she embarked on her first quest for assigning magical references to addresses. Not longer later, a contract wizard, and her friend, allowed her to assist with a rather fun C# and Flex quest. This was terribly exciting, and the young (ish) wizard loved casting spells in C#, really not too different to the language of VB, in which she was well-versed. Side-quests often popped up, and she was keen to lend a hand, and her genius and magic impressed the Noble House of MES, and their very wise leader, and they let her work on the main quest, and soon, take it on for herself!

Happy was the young (ish) wizard, let’s call her H. She worked in a room of very nice wizards, while the Noble House of MES was based in the land of Fitzrovia far to the south, constantly moving rooms in their castle as they expanded from just the two people to several. These knights were bold, and often quite demanding, but the more spells needed in the quest the better, as far as H was concerned, except the really crazy ones when she wasn’t sure what on earth they’d been thinking.

Time passed, and the young (ish) wizard grew in confidence as well as skill, and The Noble House of MES grew too. New quests popped up, and there was always call for more spells and enchantments on the main quest, so the days were full of fun code and transferring scrolls and scrolls of information to the main library’s favoured parchment type.

Her evenings were rife with festivities, mostly in the Northern Kingdom of Haringey with knights and wizards of ERS. Happily, The Noble House of MES chose to shift up North too, which saved a lot of travelling by Tunnel Dragon, and added to the number of nearby potential festivities to attend. Never had the wizard been so flush with nice wizards and knights to chat to and feast with!  (But not orienteer or jog with – wizards have no need of such earthy pursuits, let alone physical mettle.) While many fine folk switched allegiance and went off adventuring with other Noble Houses because they were nearer to home or what-not, there were always new friends to make on the horizon. Not that to this day, she doesn’t miss them still – in particular, her mentor and dear friend, the Wizard King.

Over the years, she tamed many dragons and bested many beasties using her craft, and optimised inter-castle communications with some nifty spells for messenger crows. She worked with other wizards from far, far away using the highest of high crafts, teasing communiques through the thaumaturgical substrata.  With the magic and the battling all going so well, the Noble House decided to create their own circle of wizards, and soon installed them in their new dedicated mini-laboratory.

All these years, in a distant land, a cluster of wizards were on a similar quest; they pestered and they harried, but the gallant knights of the Noble House of MES fended them off, and in time, the battling simmered to a standstill. Then, one crisp winter’s day, the other wizards surrendered, and a pact was made.  “My work here is done!” thought H.

Luckily, a wizard’s work is never done. After all, there’s no such thing as too much magic! There are still corvid messenger logistics to craft, and new spellcasting languages to learn. There are still battles to come, and tomes to explore, and a lot more to do with the mysterious interrogative arts of API. The horizon fair sparkles with the voltage of impending miracles; indeed, they whisper of H, she makes the impossible possible, which is perhaps a slight exaggeration but she was rather touched by the compliment, …and that they whisper it, because noise drives her nuts.

Now, if only she can get them to stop calling her by her full forename – that would be a miracle!

H Staunton

Lead Wizard

MES, 2007 – …